TIPS is a not-for-profit economic research organisation based in Pretoria, South Africa. TIPS has three main focus areas: trade and industrial policy, sustainable growth, and inequality and economic inclusion. TIPS undertakes research and analysis, and facilitates policy development, dialogue and capacity building.

Real Economy Bulletin

The Real Economy Bulletin is a review of trends, developments and data in the real economy, together with analysis of the main manufacturing industries and key data. The Fourth Quarter 2016 and Annual Provincial Review 2016 are now out.

Development Dialogue

The Development Dialogue Seminars, hosted by TIPS, offer a platform to share views and ideas on development issues and alternative policy strategies.

Training Workshops 2017

  • Trade policy and South Africa (Module 2): Globalisation and regional economic integration

    28-30 June 2017

    This course provides participants with insights into how the world trading systems work and South Africa’s trade relationship with key regions.

    It is facilited over three modules.

    1.  The first module focuses on Bilateral Trade issues (February 2017) - completed
    2. The second module focuses on Regional Integration in Africa (28, 29 and 30 June 2017)
    3. The third module focuses on Multilateral Trade negotiations (Sept-Oct 2017)

    This course is Module 2. See brochure for details.

  • Introduction to Economy-Wide Modelling for Policy Analysis

    9-13 October 2017

    Targets primarily managers and policy analysts, although it is also useful for those wishing to become modellers who want to get a taste of what it is like. It introduces participants to the key components of standard CGE models, emphasising how to use economy-wide models and the economic interpretation of their outputs, rather than the techniques of building them. The models are run using a specially developed MS Excel interface with specialised modelling software.

    For details of the workshop, see An Overview of TIPS Workshops on Economy-wide Analysis. This is Workshop B.

    If you are interested in attending this workshop please complete the application form attached and send to: Dirk Ernst van Seventer ( or Rob Davies (


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Upcoming events and Announcements

  • APORDE 2017

    The 11th edition of the African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE) will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 4-15 September 2017. Call for applications for participants to attend closes on 8 May 2017. For more information and details of how to apply go to call for applications.

  • The Real Economy Bulletin - Fourth Quarter 2016

    The Real Economy Bulletin is a review of quarterly trends, developments and data in the real economy, together with analysis of the main manufacturing industries and key data in Excel format. Additional topics in this edition include briefing notes on scenarios for US protectionism and the 2017/8 budget and industrialisation. See The Real Economy Bulletin - Fourth Quarter 2016.

  • Manufacturing Circle Investment Tracker

    The Manufacturing Circle Investment Tracker (MCIT) measures investment by manufacturing enterprises in property, plant and equipment, research and development, and human capital. The Fourth Quarter 2016 is available to download or read online: MCIT Q4 2016

  • SA-EU Sustainability Transition Dialogue Workshops

    The South Africa-European Union Sustainability Transition Dialogue is hosting five multi-stakeholder workshops around the country in the first half of 2017. These will be held in Johannesburg (February), Limpopo (March), Pretoria (April), Ethekwini (May) and Western Cape (June). For more information and how to apply go to Workshops

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Working at TIPS

TIPS offers internships to qualified people to gain professional experience in the economic policy field in South Africa and the continent.

Small Grant Research Papers

TIPS offers small research grants of up to R16 500 to students in South Africa at the Masters level. Students from outside South Africa would be considered in exceptional cases.

Economic Conferences

In addition to planning the Annual Forum, the TIPS Event Management Team can also be commissioned to plan and manage external economic conferences and events.