Jorge Maia

  • Position: Director

Jorge Maia holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.  This academic qualification was preceded by a Bachelor of Economic Science with Honours from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr Maia joined the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (the IDC) in 1995 as a Manager in the Department of Economic Research and Development.  He was mainly responsible for the Department's macroeconomic and international economics sections, as well as for policy-related research pertaining to the SADC region. 

In mid-1999, Mr Maia was appointed to the position of Senior Project Manager in the IDC's newly created SADC Department and, approximately one year later, to Head of this Department.  Early in 2003, the Department was renamed Africa Unit, which has the following responsibilities and objectives:

  • The formulation and regular evaluation of the IDC's investment guidelines and overall strategy for the SADC region in particular and the African continent in general;
  • the identification of new investment/financing opportunities for the IDC in Africa;
  • the co-ordination of the IDC's regional portfolio;
  • the establishment of relationships with national, regional and international role players involved in the region;
  • attracting foreign direct investment into Africa through the promotion of regional investment opportunities; and, amongst others
  • the identification of potential co-financiers for African projects in the IDC's pipeline.

In September 2004, Mr Maia was appointed Head of the Risk Management Department of the IDC.

On 1 May 2005, Mr Maia was appointed Head of the Strategic Research and Information Department of the IDC. This Department, which has a staff complement of 25, plays a key supportive role to the IDC Board, Executive Management, ALCo, all strategic business units, the Financial Management, Portfolio Management and Corporate Strategy departments, as well as external parties, by:

  • Providing sectoral / industry analysis;
  • Identifying development areas and investment opportunities for the Corporation;
  • Analysing economic trends and forecasting movements in key macro-economic variables;
  • Providing strategic support to SA government departments;
  • Assessing country risk, particularly with respect to African countries; and, among others;
  • Providing consultancy services to external clients.

Mr Maia is a director on the boards of the following companies:

  • Hans Merensky Holdings (South Africa);
  • TIPS (South Africa); and
  • South African Savings Institute (South Africa) - alternate director.