Thabo Thulare

  • Position: Senior Researcher: Green Jobs
  • Email:

Thabo Thulare joined the TIPS Sustainable Growth Unit in September 2016 as a Senior Researcher: Green Jobs to work on unlocking the potential for green jobs in South Africa. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies and Industrial Sociology; Master of Science degree in Development Planning and Programme in Economics and Public Finance. He is studying towards a Master of Philosophy in Development Finance at the Stellenbosch Business School with a special focus on green industrialisation and renewable energy policy.

Before joining TIPS, Thabo was a Project Officer and the Acting Project Executive for the proposed Atlantis Greentech Special Economic Zone. He has more than 15 years’ experience in economic development, project development, special economic zones and industrialisation, local economic development, enterprise development, development research and development planning. He held the positions of Deputy Director: Development Planning & Project Management, and Acting Director: Special Projects and Deputy Director: Regional and Local Economic Development between 2001 and 2013 in the North West Provincial Government. He has strong passion for green economy transition, industrial development and renewable energy policy.