Annual Forum 2010 - The Global Economic Crisis and South Africa: Lessons in Long-Run Economic Growth and Development

The Conference will be hosted by the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) and Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)

As with most other emerging market economies, South Africa has not escaped the real economy effects of the global financial crisis. The impact on economic growth, foreign and domestic investment and the external balance of the economy was both severe and rapid. In addition the social welfare consequences of this crisis have been widely publicised with the economy shedding close to 900 000 jobs in the period since the third quarter of 2008. With the deficit-to-GDP ratio nearing pre-1994 levels, there remains a series of economic policy questions, issues and themes around both the impact of the global financial crisis on the South African economy, as well as the possible lessons that can be gleaned from this crisis for both policymakers and analysts. To this end, we invite papers predominantly, but not exclusively, within the area of understanding the impact of the economic crisis on the nature, level and trajectory of economic growth in South Africa. The conference aims to bring together researchers, policymakers, civil society and other social partners to critically analyse the work of peers and to dialogue on the value and the findings from a policy perspective. It is expected that the following areas and sub-themes would deserve attention at the conference:

  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the time of Economic Crisis
  • Exchange Rate Policy and Growth Path Dynamics
  • The Poverty, Inequality and Labour Market Consequences of the Crisis
  • Consequences for Social Security During a Recession
  • The Role of Green Jobs and the Pursuit of a Green Economy in the time of Crisis
  • Debating the Global Financial Architecture: Lessons for South Africa
  • The Role of the Informal Economy: A Growth Lever During the Crisis?
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