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Sunday, 15 June 2003

Bilateral Trade Between South Africa and Brazil

  • Year: 2003
  • Organisation: TIPS
  • Author(s): Carol Molate; Dirk Ernst van Seventer
  • Countries and Regions: Brazil, South Africa

In this short report we examine South African trade with Brazil for decade up to 2001. First we look at the absolute values, trends, patterns at the aggregate level and somehow disaggregated level of 22 commodities clusters. The aim of this section is to provide a first round analysis of those commodities that feature prominently in trade flows between South Africa and Brazil. It provides a descriptive analysis of trade between two countries, this includes imports and total trade defined as the sum of imports and exports) of merchandise, and a measure of changes in trade patterns. In the last two tables of this note we will look into the finer details of the trade flows at the HS4 level. Our analysis takes a gradual approach from the aggregated to the more detailed level and it is based on the annual data from Customs and Exercise at current