Trade and Industry

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation Center for Development Research (ZEF Bonn)
  • Author(s) Susanna Wolf
In most African countries small and medium enterprises (SME) account for a significant share of production and employment and are therefore directly connected to poverty alleviation. While in many respects the South African economy is different to that of other countries in the continent, for the poor population in the rural areas SMEs…"

  • Year 2001
  • Organisation Danish Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterp...
  • Author(s) Peter L. Vesterdorf
The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the ways in which EU competition policy and specifically Danish competition policy1, aim to protect the interests of not only private consumers, but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As a point of departure it is useful to mention that the individual competition policy legislations…"

  • Year 2000
  • Organisation TIPS
  • Author(s) Anna Kesper
  • Countries and Regions South Africa
South Africa’s recent integration into the world economy provokes the question about its potential for building competitive advantage and prosperity at the local level in the context of an increasingly globalised economy. The experience of prospering localities in industrialised countries, in particular Western Europe and Japan, suggests that the small and medium-sized enterprise…"

  • Year 2000
  • Author(s) Vusi Gumede
The relationship between the size of an enterprise and other enterprise dynamics seems ambiguous. This paper highlights critical policy and research questions, with specific reference to the links between enterprise size, enterprise growth and the propensity to export. Preliminary findings suggest that the prevalence of some systematic gaps in size-class economic research may…"

  • Year 1999
  • Author(s) O'mano Emma Edigheji
This paper seeks to provide a coherent definition of BEE, which has the empowerment of the people as its prime objective. In the first section, I examine how the concept of empowerment has been used in the field of development. In section two, I introduce and critique the minimalist approach that emphasises individual…"

  • Year 1998
This paper is concerned with informal clothing in the inner city of Johannesburg. This is done in the context of both the changing racial complexion of small enterprise development and of South Africa's economic heartland inner-city as an important incubator for emerging black manufacturers. This study builds on local research that has been…"
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