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Basic Templates

This set of templates contains easy-to-follow steps which illustrates the processes and objectives of calculating the following trade and tariff indicators:

  1. Import Intensity Indexes
  2. Export Intensity Indexes
  3. Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA)
  4. Revealed Trade Barriers (RTB)
  5. Intra Industry Trade Indexes and
  6. Tariff Data Profiles

Below are Guides, Examples, Exercises and Solutions for both trade and tariff indicators.

Trade Indicator Guide.pdf 41.44 KB
Trade examples.xls 46 KB
Trade Exercise.xls 56.5 KB
Trade Solutions.xls 216 KB
Tariff Indicator Guide.pdf 26.29 KB
Tariff example.xls 44 KB
Tariff exercise.xls 366 KB
Tariff solutions.xls 4.56 MB
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