Terms of Reference for the Development of the Forest Products Research Strategy for South Africa

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the research project is to facilitate consensus and integrate co-ordination in research, development and transfer of technology to the forest products sector in order to enhance national economic growth, poverty alleviation and employment creation. South Africa has a long tradition of sustainable forestry and the industrial refining of the raw material which forestry can provide. In addition, South Africa’s forests have a large national economic value, particularly with regard to employment opportunities especially in the rural areas where there is high poverty and high rate of unemployment. The wood products research will address a wide range of wood utilization issues across the entire value chain. Currently the industry is at an era where there are increasing calls for ways to use wood from trees that have traditionally been underutilized material that previously went to chips, was left as slash, or was left untouched. In addition, there calls for industry to tap into new product development and technology that will result in growth and sustainability of the processing sector.

Terms of Reference - Closing date: 11 June 2021

Details of the Scope of Work; Requirements in terms of Skills and Compenticies and Team Composition; and the Proposal Requirements are available online here