African Programme on Rethinking Development Economics (APORDE): Virtual Public Seminar Series

  • Time: August - September 2020
  • Venue: ZOOM

APORDE is a annual seminar that brings together academics, policymakers and civil society representatives to investigate economic development options. It is aimed at building capacity in the South, particularly in Africa and founded on the need to broaden perspectives on development thinking and policymaking.

This year, APORDE is hosting five virtual seminars covering a range of topics on economic development in Africa. These public seminars bring together a range of African and international speakers who have been researching and working on economic development. The seminars include discussion on the impact of COVID-19 and responses to the pandemic, which will have a long term impact on Africa’s growth trajectory.

The seminars will be held on Zoom.  Click on the meeting link to RSVP or email to get meeting details.

Download: Aporde 2020 Public Seminar Series speaker and facilitator bios

PRESS RELEASE: Thinking differently about Africa’s economic recovery post COVID-19

1 Alice Amsden Memorial Lecture
Speaker: Carlos Lopes
Topic: The Latest of the Late: Industrialization in Africa
Date: Monday 31 August 2020

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2. Book Launch Event: African EconomicDevelopment - Evidence, Theory, Policy
Speakers: Chris Cramer, John Sender and Arkebe Oqubay
Discussant: Lumkile Mondi
Date: Tuesday 1 September 2020

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3. Africa's economic responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
Speakers: Busi Sibeko, Léonce Ndikumana and Duma Gqubule
Date: Wednesday 2 September 2020                                  

Africa's economic responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: Presentations

Busi Sibeko, Researcher, Institute for Economic Justice and Dr Gilad Isaacs, Co-Director, Institute for Economic Justice: South Africa’s economic response to COVID-19:
Léonce Ndikumana, University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute: Africa’s Economic Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic 
Duma Gqubule. Centre for Economic Development and Transformation: National vision for growth and development 

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4. Social policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
Speakers: Ruth Castel-Branco, Kate Philip and Jayati Ghosh
Date: Monday 7 September 2020  

Social policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic:


Ruth Castel-Branco, Southern Centre for Inequality Studies, Wits University: Social policy responses to the covid-19 pandemic: The case of the PASD-PE in Mozambique Ruth Castel-Branco

Kate Philip, Development strategist currently supporting the Project Management Office in the Presidency: The story of the special Covid grant

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5 Income Inequality: A binding constraint 
Speakers: Gabriel Palma, Basani Baloyi, and Neva Makgetla
Date: Tuesday 8 September 2020  

Income Inequality - A binding constraint: Presentations

Further reading

Gabriel Palma: Working papers

TIPS Working Paper by Neva Makgetla. September 2020: Inequality in South Africa: An Overview

For more information about the topic and speakers download invitation or read more online


Neva Makgetla, Senior Economist: Trade and Industrial Policy at TIPS: Economic inequality A binding constraint 

Press Release: Income inequality: a binding constraint