Research Networks

Green Economy Coalition

TIPS joined the Green Economy Coalition (GEC) in 2013.

The GEC is a diverse set of organisations and sectors including non-governmental organisations, research institutes, UN organisations, business and trade unions. Its vision is of a resilient economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to a new green economy.

The GEC is governed by a Steering Group which meets every month to discuss strategy and management, and is coordinated by a small secretariat based at the offices of the International Institute for Environment and Development.

Research Collaborative: Tracking Private Climate Finance

Tracking private climate finance flows, together with flows of public finance, is a key task in monitoring progress in the international effort to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. Yet, there are significant data, methodological and knowledge gaps on private climate finance flows, and available information is scattered across numerous different actors. Further research and better co-ordination of ongoing initiatives are therefore required to improve the identification, measurement, and reporting of private climate flows.

The Research Collaborative is an open network, co-ordinated and hosted by the OECD Secretariat, of interested governments, relevant research institutions and international finance institutions.

The goal is to partner and share best available data, expertise and information to advance policy-relevant research in a comprehensive and timely manner. The project is designed to serve as a co-ordinating platform for identifying research priorities and gaps, sharing information, weaving a coherent narrative across what would otherwise be disparate research outputs, as well as communicating results to raise awareness in this area.

TIPS is one of the participating institutions.

The others are: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Climate Policy Initiative, Gaia, Overseas Development Institute, OECD, United Nations Environment Programme, World Resources Institute and Zambia Institute of Environmental Management.

Project website:

Summary leaflet of the programme available here: Research Collaborative on Tracking Private Climate Finance