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The Technological Change and Innovation System Observatory project aims to track and create awareness of disruptive innovation and discontinuous technological change by organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The project supports organisations and programmes by:

  • Improving their integrated strategic response to global and local technological shifts;
  • Strengthening their role in enhancing the dynamism and resilience of the South African innovation system;
  • Improving coordination between organisations by supporting dialogue, joint research and information sharing;
  • Raising the awareness of underutilised technology capabilities in the innovation system;
  • Developing open data sources and analytical frameworks; and
  • When needed, supporting public organisations to improve their analysis and measurement of technological change to enhance their service delivery to the public.

TIPS implements the project in cooperation with the economic development consultancy Mesopartner. The project lead is Dr Shawn Cunningham from Mesopartner.

The project acknowledges financial support from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition to establish the Technological Change and Innovation System Observatory.

Dr. Shawn Cunningham