Insights into the Role of the Community Work Programme in Public Primary Schools

  • Date: Tuesday, 02 July 2013
  • Venue: TIPS Office, 227 Lange Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria.
  • Main Speakers: Presenter: Melani Prinsloo, Centre for Democratising Information (CDI)
  • Organisation: Centre for Democratising Information (CDI)


CDI's Context of Public Primary Education Research Project is an extension of this South African Community Capability Study, in that it further zooms into the education dimension within communities by investigating its relationship to formal schooling in its location. Part of this project attention is paid to the Community Work Programme (CWP) that is implementing its meaningful work for basic income intervention in certain schools, including in four of the communities in the study. This report presents the findings of the perceptions and experiences of public primary schools that are beneficiaries of the CWP as well as the experiences of CWP participants' in working in public primary schools.

About the speaker

Melani Prinsloo is a founding member of the Centre for Democratising Information (CDI), where she undertakes the strategic leadership of the organisation as a whole. CDI has positioned itself as a significant and unique research entity – operating a community-based research platform focussing on under-developed communities. CDI and Infusion's clients include Department of Basic Education, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Health, Business Trust, SoulCity, Finmark Trust, Standard Bank, FNB, African Life, Sanlam, Metropolitan, Shoprite, Vodacom, Microsoft, MultiChoice, Financial Services Board and more. CDI aims to address the shortage of reliable, detailed information on under-developed by training unemployed people from communities to act as information agents, gathering data for surveys designed to investigate the context in which people live and make their decisions. A significant part of Melani's role is to identify and manage a network of people who engage on these research projects to ensure that each project is supported by a suitable, relevant and well-aligned team.