COVID-19: Post Lockdown Economy and Economic Responses

  • Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
  • Time: 9:30-10:30
  • Venue: ZOOM: Meeting ID: 823 5038 3340 Password: 011043
  • Main Speakers: Neva Makgetla (TIPS), Duma Gqubule (CEDT)
  • For enquiries or to register please contact: RSVP by email: to confirm attendance
  • Organisation: TIPS
Post Dialogue discussion with Saul Levin and Neva Makgetla
10:30 Closure 

Date:   Thursday 30 April 2020          

Time:   09h30 – 10h30

ZOOM: Meeting ID: 823 5038 3340

Password: 011043


About the Speakers
Saul Levin is the executive director of TIPS and has experience in industrial finance and small business development.
Neva Makgetla is a senior economist at TIPS. Makgetla has published widely on the South African economy and worked for many years in government.
Duma Gqubule is the director of the Centre for Economic Development and Transformation (CEDT). Duma has spent the past two decades as a financial journalist, analyst, advisor and consultant on issues of economic development and transformation.