Export Tracker - Q4 2021


In the fourth quarter of 2021, South Africa’s merchandise exports continued on their upward trend, recording a 7.6%  year-on-year increase, amounting to R466 billion. However, quarterly growth was marginal, with a 0.8% increase from Q3 2021. Imports also markedly increased by 17.8% year-on-year, amounting to R381 billion in Q4 2021 and, on a quarterly basis, imports  increased by 5.6% from Q3 2021. A higher increase in imports than exports in Q4 2021 resulted in South Africa recording a slightly lower trade surplus of R85.3 billion, down from R102 billion in Q3 2021. In US dollar terms, South Africa’s exports increased by 14.6% year-on-year, amounting to US$30 billion in Q4 2021, while declining by 3.9% from Q3 2021. Imports also increased by 25.5% year-on-year, amounting to US$24.7 billion in Q4 2021 and marginally increased by 0.7% from Q3 2021.