Climate change adaptation and small business

Climate change will have drastic impacts on South Africa’s economy and society, and the need to adapt is urgent. As the country embarks on a just transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and environmentally-sustainable economy, an opportunity exists to develop domestic small, green businesses.

This report and five case studies are part of a broader initiative on small business development in South Africa’s climate change space, by TIPS with support and funding from the Government of Flanders. The research comprises a main report, which summarises the research findings on the topic, and five case studies on South African-based entrepreneurs active in the adaptation space: AB Farms, EWEF-SusTech, Loo Afrique, MySmartFarm and Waste Intrique.

Main report

Small Business Development in the Climate Change Adaptation Space in South Africa

Climate change adaption and small business – case studies

Mogale Maleka and Tumelo Pule: Using hydrophonics to enhance food security

Bulelwa Ntsendwana: Harnessing chemistry for sustainable development and women empowerment

Rori Mpete: Thinking outside the box – retrofitting water saving in conventional waterborne sanitation systems

Wolfgang von Loeper: Sustainable farming: ensuring food security while preserving the planet

Tshego Mpete: Embracing green opportunities in the water sector

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