Industry 4.0

This series of four papers was commissioned by the Future Industrial Production Technologies Chief Directorate of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti). This unit is focused on preparing South African industry for the fourth industrial revolution.

Framing the concepts that underpin discontinuous technological change, technological capability and absorptive capacity

This paper takes the form of a literature study on the topic of technological change, innovation and building technological capabilities.

World Economic Forum and the fourth industrial revolution in South Africa

This paper focuses on the fourth industrial revolution and the concept as promoted by the World Economic Forum, international consultancies, governments and multinational firms.

Mapping the meso space that enables technological change, productivity improvement and innovation in the manufacturing sector

This paper focuses on meso organisations and policies that strengthen the technological capability of the country or an industry to enable change, adaptation and economic resilience.

Technological change and sustainable mobility: An overview of global trends and South African developments

This paper focuses on technological change and the developments in the sustainable mobility topic in South Africa.

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