Past Projects

Mining Phakisa

  • Year: 2015

The Mining Phakisa was a South African government initiative led by the Presidency based on a “quick, fast results” methodology developed initially in Malaysia that brings together all stakeholders in the industry into a “lab” with the aim of identifying constraints and developing a shared vision and growth strategy for the long-term development and transformation of the sector.

TIPS provided research support for the Mining Phakisa. This involved providing support to the secretariat as well as undertaking and contracting research. Sixteen briefing notes and 11 research reports were prepared, including on the following topics: environmental effects; mining sector and municipalities; infrastructure financing and costing; an analysis of investment in mining; opportunities for local procurement; upstream and downstream linkages in the mining value chain and the cost structure of mining industry. These briefing notes and research reports as well as a number of reference documents were used as background information at the Phakisa. (2015)

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