Annual Forum Papers

Reviewing 15 years of resource-poor small-scale agriculture in South Africa: is there any way forward?

  • Year: 2008
  • Organisation: Senior Research Manager, Centre for Employment, Poverty and Growth, HSRC.
  • Author(s): Tim Hart
  • Countries and Regions: South Africa

This paper will review the attempts at fostering resource poor small-scale agricultural development in South Africa from 1994 to the present. Based on the lack of a concerted policy for support and development of this group of farmers and given the incomplete datasets about this group a number an attempt will be made to define them and their circumstances. By use of case material and observations over the past 15 years a number of suggestions will be illustrated for a way forward. The purpose of the suggestions is to illustrate why and how resource-poor farmers need to be placed more specifically on the agenda of government agricultural and poverty alleviation strategies. The primary focus will be on food security needs of this group and how this can be enhanced.