Annual Forum Papers

An integrated approach to modelling energy policy in Africa

  • Year: 2015
  • Organisation: Energy Research Centre; UNU-Wider
  • Author(s): Bruno Merven

Session 6: A regional approach to energy resources

An integrated approach to modelling energy policy in Africa:
PAPER: Evaluating carbon taxes and electricity import restrictions - Channing Arndt, Rob Davies, Sherwin Gabriel, Konstantin Makrelov, Bruno Merven, Faaiqa Salie and James Thurlow (UNU-Wider)
This paper links a bottom-up energy sector model to a recursive dynamic computable general equilibrium model of South Africa in order to examine two of the country's main energy policy considerations: (i) the introduction of a carbon tax and (ii) liberalisation of import supply restrictions in order to exploit regional hydropower potential.
FORUM PRESENTATION: The Case for Imported Hydro Bruno Merven (Energy Research Centre/UNU-Wider)