Trade and Industry

Monday, 26 February 2007

SA/EU FTA: Mid-term Review

  • Year: 2005
  • Organisation: Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
  • Author(s): Mmatlou Kalabe; Ron Sandrey; Dirk Ernst van Seventer

This paper evaluates bilateral trade between South Africa and the EU over the past decade, where possible up to 2003.

Structure of the Report:

Part A: Aspects of trade and tariff patterns

Basic trade flows between South Africa and the EU.
Intra-industry trade
Trade intensity calculations
Areas of export potential for South Africa to evaluate a possible South African export growth strategy
Revealed trade barriers
Possible effects of existing tariffs on bilateral trade flows

Part B: A preliminary quantitative assessment of the impact of the FTA on South

Africas trade with the EU

To what degree has the phase down of EU tariffs had a positive impact on South African exports to the EU?