Trade and Industry

Friday, 13 April 2007

Trade Information Service 2005

  • Year: 2005
  • Organisation: TIPS
  • Author(s): Owen Willcox
  • Countries and Regions: South Africa

One of the objectives of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) is to develop capacitiesfor improving the export performance of businesses. To do so, the dti/TISA require easily accessible practical strategic and analytical tools for identifying growing markets to which South African firms could export. This report will help the dti/TISA and its target group of South African exporters to analyse aspects of the global market in its various facets. In doing so, thedti/TISA will strengthen its role as a provider of strategic tools to be used as a basis for analysinggrowing global markets for South African exports. A key objective of the report is to assist TISA to become an important source of strategic market information identifying the most lucrative markets and value chains for South African exports.