Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) is an independent, non-profit, economic research institution established in 1996 to support economic policy development. TIPS undertakes quantitative and qualitative research, project management, dialogue facilitation, capacity building and knowledge sharing. Its areas of focus are: industrial policy, trade and regional integration, sustainable growth, and a just transition to a sustainable inclusive economy.


The Real Economy Bulletin
The Real Economy Bulletin is a review of trends, developments and data in the real economy.
Second Quarter 2022 is now out.

TIPS FDI Tracker
The FDI Tracker monitors inward foreign direct investment. Fourth Quarter 2021 is now out.

TIPS Export Tracker
The Export Tracker provides updates on export trends.
First Quarter 2022 is now out.

TIPS Import Tracker
The Import Tracker is a quarterly analysis of import trends.
First Quarter 2022 is now out.

Imports Localisation
Quarterly reports of imports that South Africa could possibly viably manufacture. First Quarter 2022 is now out.

Manufacturing Subsectors
Notes on the main manufacturing subsectors in South Africa.

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Policy Briefs

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Economic Conferences

In addition to planning the Annual Forum, the TIPS Event Management Team can also be commissioned to plan and manage external economic conferences and events.